Volunteer Information

We in Buddha Peace Foundation think that our volunteers must be proactive! That is because sometimes it can be hard to have predefined tasks to every volunteer we receive. This can cause us not to use your volunteering skill in full, which will be unfortunate as it will deny derive maximum benefits; whereas you also may not be happy and satisfied with your contributions.

Volunteer Activities By Major!

Music Drawing, Dance & Theater.
English Classes, Litracy, Create Education Material, Improve Teaching Methodology, Reading to Chilren.
Healthcare and Hygiene Lectures.
Health & Nutrition
Plan Meals (Nutritious, Low Cost, Tasty), Plan Groceries Purchasing According to Family’s Income, Teach Food Hygiene.
Medical & Surgical Equipment
Leadership, Playing with Children, Environment/Diseases/Drug Awareness, Women Empowerment.
Economics & Management
Accounting Fund Raising, KPI Traking and Organizational Management.
Media Producing : Photographs, Video (Fund Raising, Documentary and Short Videos).